Three tier chocolate layer cake (Happy birthday Julie and Merry X-mas everyone)

Raspberry chocolate layer cake

Finally catching up on some old posts!

I love cake (who doesn't) and I think layer cakes are the prettiest kind of cake there is. The day of our work X-mas party was also our co-worker Julie's birthday - so an excellent excuse to attempt this amazing creation.

Raspberry chocolate layer cake

Making the cake:

I used Lorraine's 'I can't believe you made that' cake recipe and (as usual) it worked out perfectly! Instead of making one cake, I doubled the recipe and made three.

Making the fillings and frosting:

I used the three frosting recipes from Sweetapolita's divine cake blog.
  • Marshmallow Cream Cheese Filling (hurray for discovering Marshmallow fluff at Woollies!!)
  • Pink Whipped Vanilla Cream Filling
  • Chocolate Frosting


As per Sweetapolita's instructions I layered the fillings in between each cake, adding fresh raspberries to the pink whipped cream layer. I frosted the outside with teh chocolate frosting and added some more fresh raspberries to finish. Yum!