Say cheesecake (Happy birthday Liam!)

Continental (no-bake) vanilla cheesecake

It's my husbands birthday this week so this will be the first of a few cakes for the various festivities. For this cake Liam requested a continental cheesecake. He loves vanilla and prefers simple decoration.

Easy vanilla cheesecake

Making the cake:

I used this Martha Stewart recipe, substituting plain Digestive biscuits for the Graham Crackers (as these are hard to source in Australia). It turned out well, the biscuit base (and sides) were a bit uneven so this is something I will try and improve next time.


I used whole fresh strawberries (with the tops cut off) around the edges of the cake, with lightly whipped cream (with a little icing sugar for sweetness) spooned into the centre. For the chocolate finish I used a peeler to make shards from a block of Lindt milk chocolate.

fresh strawberry edging with whipped cream in the centre