Chocolate-on-chocolate (thanks & farewell April)

Chocolate buttermilk layer cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

I love this cake recipe, it is decadent but the cream cheese frosting balances the sweetness of the cake perfectly - a perfect choice to say thank you to the lovely April who finished up at work this week.

Completed, frosted cake

Making the cake and frosting:

I used this Donna Hay recipe, but doubled the recipe as I had 20cm(ish) cake tins and just kept to two layers . In the past I have made the cake four layers (as per the recipe) however I needed to transport the cake in to work and more height = less stability and high chance of disaster!

step-by-step assembly and frosting

I used white chocolate writing fudge and some sugar flowers (pre-made) for decoration (my cake writing skills need a little work!).

Here is a pic (from a previous bake) with the four layers (it is super hard to slice the cakes evenly if anyone has tips on how to do this better I would love to hear from you!):

chocolate layer cake